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Making a Connection with ALL Americans

NASHVILLE. Larry Crim U.S. Senate (R - Tenn) 2018 is a native 5th generation Tennessean and Nashville Businessman, Republican candidate for United States Senate running statewide for the seat currently held by Bob Corker, a native of South Carolina.  As Larry Crim publicly announced in 2015 and 2016 ...

"Bob Corker served as Enabler-In-Chief of the Obama Administration's disastrous Iran Deal​, bypassing the Treaty Clause of the U.S. Constitution to green-light  an Iran Deal releasing $150 Billion to our enemies" 
said United States Candidate Larry Crim. 

"Mr. Corker led the way to dishonor our nation's promises to our country's veterans by cutting $85 Billion in one year alone taking the  benefits our veterans earned through their sacrifices for America and Americans" said U.S. Senate candidate Crim.  

Without question, Corker has proven that he is no friend to our nation's veterans or to our country's security and freedom for which our brave American Soldiers fought.  We need a voice for our Veterans, for protecting Americans First and speaking for everyday Americans in the United States Senate.  Larry Crim U. S. Senate (Republican - Tennessee) 2018 is Your Voice For Americans.

Larry Crim for United States Senate has toured statewide meeting, listening to and connecting with typical Americans in Tennessee  to provide them a voice in the U.S. Senate in Washington D.C.  After having completed this multi-year tour, Larry Crim filed his Statement of U.S. Senate Candidacy in October 2016 as the Republican Candidate for  Senate in 2018.  

Larry Crim supported Donald Trump for President because Mr. Trump supports the priorities of the people which Mr. Crim had  already identified and announced were the chief concerns of Americans residing in Tennessee - Honoring our nation's promises to our country's veterans, delivering on our country's social security indebtedness to the people for which they have paid all their lives, a deal which was made with Americans a long time ago, rebuilding America's infrastructure, putting Americans First and protecting our Country's security from foreign based threats   Larry Crim U.S. Senate (R-TN) 2018 supports President Trump in the White House.  

Let's give our Country's Veterans, the American Soldiers, the Police Officers and Emergency personnel, those who've fought for and continue to protect Americans and the hard working, patriotic everyday Americans a voice in the United States Senate. Give Americans a Voice in the United States Senate.

Support NOW Larry Crim U.S. Senate (Republican-Tennessee) Statewide....August 2nd 2018

​​​​Larry Crim U.S. Senate (R - TN) 2018

      Your Voice For Tennesseans

Larry Crim U.S. Senate (R-TN) 2018 Joins President Trump at Lousiville Trump Rally.

"Because The President

Needs a Partner & The

People Deserve a Voice in

the United States Senate"

- Larry CRIM U.S. Senate (Republican-TN) 2018

The exceptional qualifications to serve the American people..

Meet & Greet Larry Crim U.S. Senate 

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                          Undergraduate School

Larry Crim is an alumnus of The University of Tennessee, twice over,  graduating maga cum laude with a B.A. in Arts & Sciences with a Major in  Psychology. Minor Political Science.


           Graduate School

Mr. Crim earned a Master of Public Administration (M.P.A.) from The University of Tennessee and Tennessee State University.  


     Mr. Crim also achieved a Master of Arts M.A.

     from Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU)  

     Major in Psychology.



Larry Crim performed his Psychological Practicum at Vanderbilt InterUniversity Psychological and Counseling Center.  ​​

*** Larry Crim U.S. Senate (R-Tenn) 2018 ... In The News...About Our National Security  ***


The Chattanoogan....
Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Crim Says Corker Should Bow Out Of Secretary Of State

Vetting Because Of His Part In Iran Deal

Larry Crim, a Nashville businessman and U.S. Senate candidate in 2018 for the seat held by Senator Bob Corker, said Senator Corker “should” and he believes “is considering exiting the vetting process for Secretary of State” because “Corker enabled the Iran Nuclear Pact of the Obama administration which President Elect Trump rightfully called ‘a disaster’.”  

Mr. Crim said, “Corker bypassed the Constitution’s Treaty Clause to green light President Obama’s arms control agreement with Iran including release of some $150 billion to a foreign power” without subjecting it to approval by two thirds of the senators as provided

in the Constitution (Const. Art 2, Sect 2).   

He said, "Trump has called the Iran Nuclear Pact a 'disaster' and 'the worst deal ever negotiated'.  When speaking to AIPAA, a pro-Israel lobby group, candidate Trump said his 'Number-One priority' would be to 'dismantle the disastrous deal with Iran.' It is reasonable to assume Corker – the enabler-in-chief of the Iran deal - and President Elect Trump, who said it was the worst deal ever negotiated, do not agree on this key foreign policy issue.  

“The Iran deal was a nuclear arms agreement which may be, reasonably should be and historically has been subject to supermajority approval by the Senate. As chairman of Foreign Relations, Corker should have asserted, rather than retreated from, the constitutionally permissible and rightful role of the senate to require supermajority approval. Had Senator Corker done so in this case, the Iran Nuclear Deal would never

have passed the Senate.”
"The Iran Nuclear Deal, if deemed to constitute a 'treaty', could be declared void ab initio (from the beginning) since any act contrary to the Constitution is legally void. 
On the other hand, if the Pact is deemed less than a treaty, or an Executive Agreement,

then it may be subject to repeal by the succeeding Executive, which Mr. Trump has pledged to do.” 

Published in The Chattanoogan newspaper
Chattanooga, TN November 16, 2016 

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November 18, 2016

Senator Corker should withdraw from Trump's Cabinet bid, says Senate candidate Larry Crim

                     Senator Bob Corker is being considered for the Secretary of State position in Trump's team.

Tennessee Senator Bob Corker who is reportedly being considered as a candidate in United States President-elect Donald Trump's administration should exit from the vetting process, US Senate candidate Larry Crim said.

The Nashville businessman said that Corker should exit the vetting process for the position of Secretary of State in Trump's administration as "Corker enabled the Iran Nuclear Pact of the Obama administration which President-Elect Trump rightfully called 'a disaster'," he said.

Bob Corker on Wednesday confirmed to CNBC that he has had conversations with Trump's transition team. Corker has been a senator since 2007 and is the current chairperson for the Foreign Relations Committee.

Trump and Corker appear to differ in views on Russian President Vladimir Putin. While he appreciated Trump and Putin starting out on a positive note, Corker thinks Putin is a "brutal dictator-like leader" and has "worked against our national interests." Corker, however, has said that he does not expect to get the coveted position.

"Corker bypassed the Constitution's Treaty Clause to green light President Obama's arms control agreement with Iran including release of some $150 Billion dollars to a foreign power" without subjecting it to approval by two thirds of the senators as provided in the Constitution (Const. Art 2, Sect 2), Crim said. Larry Crim will run in the Republican primary for the seat held by Bob Corker on August 2nd, 2018.

The Senate candidate also added that "it is reasonable to assume Corker – the enabler-in-chief of the Iran deal - and President Elect Trump, who said it was the worst deal ever negotiated, do not agree on this key foreign policy issue."

Other candidates being considered for the Secretary of State position in Trump's team include Nikki Haley, governor of South Carolina; Rudy Giuliani, former New York mayor and an ardent supporter of Trump; John Bolton, former US ambassador to the United Nations and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

President Donald Trump Addresses Congress For The First Time 

Larry Crim U.S. Senate (R-TN) 2018


Annette & Larry Crim U.S. Senate (R-TN) 2018 at Patriotic Sunday Franklin Rd. Baptist Murfreesboro, TN

Larry Crim

is CEO of Christian Counseling Centers of America Inc. 



P.O. BOX 293312




"In the midst of the challenging realities of division in our nation our President delivered a message of rebirth of the American Spirit of unity and achievement. He challenged us to look beyond the past and the status quo to together create an American future in which our national achievements will surpass our

wildest dreams; and make America greater than ever before."  - - -

--- Larry Crim United States Senate (Republican-Tenn2018) ... Your Voice For Americans

For the


Larry Crim U.S. Senate (R-TN) 2018 has toured all 95 counties of Tennessee.

  Larry Crim buidling bridges to the           Larry Crim responds to questions                Larry Crim listens to concerns of

  American People to serve as                      and concerns of everyday Americans         medical professionals to addess

 Your Voice For Americans.                          at public forums across the state.                health care concerns of Americans. 



Serving our nation requires a dedication to uphold the Constitution and protect the American People for whom it was adopted.  Larry Crim has toured all 95 counties of  Tennessee listening to Tennesseans and addressing their concerns, including the people's priority to uphold The Constitution. 

When the time came to address current issues in terms of the provisions of The Constitution at the Tea Party Forum in Paris, TN Larry Crim
for U.S. Senate was present.  Corker was absent.  

When it came time to invoke the ​Treaty Clause of the Constitution, Corker undermined it, was absent to uphold the Constitution, but present to enable President Obama's Iran Deal. 

Larry Crim spoke out in 2015 that Corker had undermined the 

Treaty Clause and bargained away the power of the Senate under  The Constitution.  

In 2016 Larry Crim for U.S. Senate 2018 spoke against

Corker 's bid to be considered for Secretary of State because Corker, the Enabler-In-Chief of the Iran Deal ​who is fighting to continue it, is not a match for President-elect Trump who rightfully called it  a "disaster" and vowed to "dismantle the disastrous Iran Deal". 

"Crim Says Corker Should Bow Out of Secretary of State Vetting  Due to His Role In Iran Deal" The Chattanoogan  (Nov. 16, 2016).  

​"Senator Corker Should Withdraw From Trump's Cabinet Bid,

Says Senate Candidate Larry Crim"  International Business Times

November 18, 2016.

Larry Crim U.S. Senate 2018 will honor, protect and defend ​The Constitution of the United States.

"A U.S. Senator's

first duty is to preserve, protect

and defend

The Constitution

of the United States

of America."

Larry Crim U.S. Senate (R - Tenn) 2018 

The ready willingness to reach & help others

Larry Crim U.S. Senate (R-TN) 2018

​Friends of Larry Crim

P.O. Box 293312  Nashville, TN  37229

"Honoring our country's veterans involves delivering on our promises

for their service and assuring their sacrifices were not in vain. 

A grateful country honors its veterans 
by keeping their care and America's security and freedom for which they fought as our nation's top priorities."

...... Larry Crim U.S. Senate (R-TN) 2018

Paid for by Friends of Larry Crim, A.A. Crim Treas

Larry Crim is President of Veterans Comprehensive Network Inc.

Larry Crim U.S. Senate 2018 is proposing a Veterans Benefit Assurance Act. 

"Because our federal government must engage in a new and long overdue endeavor to honor our nation's promises to our country's veterans."  - - - 

Larry Crim U.S. Senate

Your Voice for Americans

Join in this federal campaign to stand up

for our Veterans who stood strong for every American.

Larry Crim U.S. Senate (R-TN) 2018 .... NEWS .... NEWS...NEWS -------


   Seeks Senate Hearings & Public Meetings Across Tennessee


  Larry Crim U.S. Senate 2018

While Bob Corker says a few extra days will get the senate health bill right and that he will meet with “stakeholders”, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Larry Crim of Tennessee says the secretly crafted bill requires Senate hearings & meetings with “constituents". Corker said “We will continue working over the next several days to improve this legislation” (Tweet June 22nd). Crim said “Get it right in several days? The inequities of the current health system have been complained of publicly for years but now this bill crafted in secret is supposed to be read, understood, ‘fixed’ and passed in days? The process is flawed. The current crop of senators from Tennessee have not helped. I call on Bob Corker and Lamar Alexander to demand public hearings in the Senate and to host meetings open to constituents across Tennessee.”

Corker said "Congress has a responsibility to…stabilize the individual insurance market, and over the next several days, I will take the time to fully review the legislative text and seek input from a wide variety of stakeholders across our state” Corker Tweet 6/22/2017. “Stakeholders?” asked Crim. “How about seeking input from the Constituents? We need open meetings on the Health Care Bill so constituents including families, seniors, small businesses and veterans as well as other impacted American citizens can have their voices heard.”

Mr. Crim, who is CEO of Christian Counseling Centers of America Inc. and President of Veterans Comprehensive Network Inc. said the health care bill and Corker's comments exclusively on "the insurance market" are focused on “affordable health insurance” and fail to address affordable health care.”

U.S. Senate candidate Larry Crim is on record calling for a bill to identify, provide incentives and give Americans access to lower cost health care provider options devoted to offering quality, cost-saving, prevention, treatment, cure and care for American citizens. This does not eliminate the need for affordable insurance, Crim said, but by addressing health care costs directly it would further the goal of creating more affordable coverage and care for Americans.


CONTACT:  Larry Crim U.S. Senate (R-TN) 2018



Biography in Brief.  Larry Crim is a native, 5th generation Tennessean, Nashville Businessman and Counseling Executive who serves

as Chief Executive Officer of Christian Counseling Centers of America Inc. and President of Veterans Comprehensive Network Inc.

Mr. Crim is Chairman of Larry Crim MPA MA & Associates, a Marketing Research and Management Consulting firm.  Larry Crim has

also served as Vice President of Public Relations for The Nashvillian, a media corporation. Larry Crim earned a ​B.A. in Arts & Sciences with a Major in Psychology and Minor in Political Science graduating magna cum laude from The University of Tennessee.  Mr. Crim achieved the Master of Public Administration (M.P.A.) from The University of Tennessee and Tennessee State University. Larry Crim earned the Master of Arts (M.A.) from Middle Tennessee State University with a  Major in Psychology. Mr. Crim performed his    Practicum in Psychology at Vanderbilt Inter University Psychological and Counseling Center.

Larry Crim is CEO of Christian Counseling Centers of America Inc, a faith based public service organization providing professionally

qualified spiritually based counseling with a focus on veterans.  Mr. Crim is President of Veterans Comprehensive Network Inc devoted

to coordinating a network of resources to help America's Veterans.  Larry Crim is Vice President of The Nashvillian which publishes 

The Nashvillian and Memphis Regional News as well as Veterans News - newspapers focused on public service impacting Americans.

(The Veterans News is provided free of charge to Homeless Veterans to provide a transitional occupation and income while communicating public, private and non profit resources available to assist Veterans in general and Homeless Veterans in particular.)

Larry Crim was born and grew up in Nashville, Tennessee where he attended and graduated from these public schools:

Lockeland Elementary School, East Nashville Jr. High School and East Nashville High School.

Larry Crim filed his Statement of Candidacy with the Office of the Secretary of the United States Senate on October 13, 2016 as the

Republican Candidate from Tennessee in 2018 for the seat currently held by Bob Corker.  Larry Crim will be in the Republican Primary    on August 2nd, 2018, a statewide election in which all the voters of Tennessee are qualified to vote and participate.

Larry Crim U.S. Senate (R-TN) 2018

Federal I.D.:  #STN0023  State:  TN 

Party:  Republican  

Filing Date:  October 16, 2016
Official Web Site:

Team CrimUSSenate @

Trump Rally Nashville